Stuttgart Safari 2012 / 02 / 26

So, this sunday the weather turned out rather nice, so we decided to go for some street fotos in downtown Stuttgart

Stuttgart 20120226

[img src=]1270
[img src=]490Bubble buster
[img src=]460Mmmmhh delicious!
[img src=]440All about the Money
[img src=]280round the corner
[img src=]210POP UP!
Nothing else to say!
[img src=]220City reflections!
[img src=]160Closer look
[img src=]150The Brick
[img src=]170Goth Facade
[img src=]210Moon Craters also known as "mittlerer Schlossgarten"
[img src=]190Staatsoper in Stuttgart
[img src=]190Ceiling Details
[img src=]170Somewhere near of Stadtmitte
[img src=]140Detail of Feuersee Church
[img src=]160Feuersee Church
[img src=]170Black Feuersee Church
[img src=]110Classicistical Facade
[img src=]90Aritificial Window Blind Graphics
[img src=]130Circular Window
[img src=]150Cornerstone
[img src=]120Soap Bubbles
[img src=]140Soap Bubbles 2
[img src=]170Granite Fountain
[img src=]140Spray
[img src=]100Gargoyle
[img src=]100Gloria Theatre
[img src=]90View around Stuttgart Schlossplatz
[img src=]100Angular Facade